01 September 2015

September 1, 2015

I have finally completed my more-than-3-months long notice period and am a "free" woman

Thanks ex-J&J-boss Irene for taking this photo and indulging in crazy selfies
with me outside Oriole Cafe at Capitol Piazza... hahahaha!
While free of corporate duties, I have a ton of TO-DOs on my plate.. from ironing hubby's work shirts... to cleaning the 4 habitats of my dwarf hamsters.. to unpacking the carton boxes since our move-in on May 31, 2015.. to learning to handle pesky neighbors who enjoys throwing garbage into our front and back yards and then calling NEA to say we breed mosquitoes -_-

The list goes on, so don't worry about me not having anything to do during my (5 months?) break till Chinese New Year 2016.

My ex-boss also joked of having me voluntarily back to help out if I'm bored. erm...

Aside from these chores, I have my own health to worry. The last few days, I felt sharp pulsating pains at various parts of my hands. Hubby helps to massage my hands whenever I tell him I'm in pain *love*

I was also exhausted and tired out. Slept till afternoon on Sunday and today. Past few days in office trying to finish the handover and complete most tedious portion of executive compensation verification. And I realized my menses may be coming back after a year of hiatus! Perhaps Reserve has "fixed" my menstrual cycle too, we'll see how

So what I've done so far today till 3.45pm:

  • Woke up early at 4am, got myself back to sleep and snoozed till 11am
  • Had late breakfast, did some stretching, was amused by the fitness equipment by JML TV direct selling, and kept away from the phone and the credit card
  • Socialized particularly in Facebook, reviewed some of the links shared by others in Google+ and Twitter. I find more useful business content shared in those medias
  • Watched two youtube videos on network marketing. I'm lousy at this
  • Answered my replacement's whatsapp query, and whatsapp chit chat with other colleagues for a while
  • Created a Facebook Group for friends who are keen to "learn blogging and how to monetize" from me. I'm very  much a noob. If you are keen to learn , join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wendyblogs/ 
  • And of course updating this blog's look and writing this blog post
This evening... when the sun is not as crazily hot, I need to clean out our yards and iron clothes. Probably leave hammies till tomorrow. Macho is having a "dont pissed me off, now hold my water bottle while I drink" mood swing *opps*

Ok, time to read a few more articles so that I can rest my fingers and arms :)