04 September 2015

新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm | Taiwan Farmstay Accommodation

Back in late 2011, Mum and I traveled to Taiwan and we decided on an "epic" trip. She had a health scare of osteoporosis and was worried she may no longer be able to walk properly in the future. Before that became a reality, I brought her to Hualien to enjoy a slower pace of life, visiting the beautiful Tarako Gorge and enjoying a farm stay at 新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm

I decided to write this post now because of the "free time" I have after leaving my job on Monday. I chanced upon our old travel photos while cleaning up my hard-disk to look for ideas for the upcoming Taiwan trip this mid-October. Perhaps Hub and I will be going to Tainan this time round with the guidance of an ex-colleague. Still keeping Yilan as a "backup" option... we had previously planned for a rushed 2-day trip to Yilan including whale watching last March, but decided to chill in Taipei city instead hehe...

My favorite photo of Hualien
Taken on the tram ride within the farm/zoo area of Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm

Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm was more of a combination of a holiday resort, a closed zoo, a fruit farm and a hot spring center (onsen in Japanese) - all of which had a picturesque mountainous landscape in the background. We enjoyed a one-night stay at the humongous resort (2 persons in a room meant for 4 or more!), dipped into the hot-spring pools and cold-water swimming pools in the night and following morning, and spend the entire second day roaming the leisure farm

We lived on the left hand side of this huge 'farmhouse'
We got a room for 4 though we are only 2
Love the high ceiling!
Lots of shopping from Hualien city before we arrived in Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm at night

To get to the breakfast area, it's a long but peaceful and cooling walk in and out of the Holland Village compounds. You can also rent a golf buggy as long as you have a driving license. When checking-in and checking-out, the leisure farm can pick you and your luggage up in the golf buggy too.

The breakfast comprises of a Taiwanese buffet spread, as well as some familiar international buffet spread items

Our accommodation was within the Holland Village compounds 

Previously this farm was not listed in Agoda yet, and I had much difficulties reading their Traditional Chinese website, had to call in to book and had difficulties understanding with my poor Mandarin language skills, and also had to fax our booking form with credit card details a couple of times (lack of security!)

Now booking is a breeze with Agoda where you can select your preferred language and payment modes. Check out 新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm

Adding photos of the zoo/farm part in a separate post, otherwise this post will take forever to load :)