04 September 2015

新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm | Taiwan Farm Stay

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Hot Springs

A major factor for me when deciding on staying at 新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm rather than a night in Tarako Gorge was perhaps the hot springs (onsen in Japanese)

Our fellow tourists during the Tarako Gorge tour the day before gave me a thumbs up when I shared with them about this place. For a scenic and peaceful venue, it was cheaper than staying in the mountains... and of course safer. If the mountainous roads were to meet with an unfortunate landslide, the crumbling rocks may block our roads to exit the scenic area. Moreover, mum and I would probably be bored to tears in the night time where it was too dangerous to venture on our own into the mountains. At least, we could enjoy the hot springs at night time at the farm resort

There are 3 hot spring pools, each maintained at different temperatures. It is recommended:

  • that you enter a lower temperature hot spring pool, then slowly move towards the warmer ones
  • to dip in the pool for no more than 15 minutes, after which you should exit the pool and rest for a while. 
  • not to allow the water level to be above your heart. 
When entering the hot spring pools, I can usually feel my heart pumping faster and feel faint if I soak for too long. Hence take note of the safety precautions and don't destroy your enjoyable experience!

Love the mountain range in the background. There is a cold water swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. SHOIK AH! While mum swam laps in the pool, I spend most of the time chilling in the Jacuzzi.. I can't swim lah...

This was the reception area for the hot springs, with separate changing rooms for female and male visitors at the separate sides. Note that the hot springs are also open to public (hence the security gantry post at the accommodation area) 

If you forgot to bring your swim wear, worry not - you can purchase swimming costumes and swimming caps here. In Taiwan, you would need to put on a swimming cap in public hot springs. I have soaked my hair before in the sulfuric private hot springs in Bei Tou area (Taipei), my hair feels coarse after that... 

Tram Service (Farm)

We spent the rest of the day in the farm area. Luckily for us, there was a tram service that goes round the farm compounds, and we can alight at the various designated stops should we want to look-see-look-see in each region.

Animals.. zoo or farm?

Honestly, I have never been to a farm that keeps monkeys and other wild animals. So I was confused whether 新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm was actually a zoo or a farm. 

erm.. we saw DINOSAURS too!

Dairy Farm

The dairy farm is perhaps the most money-making portion for Shinkong Chaofeng, since it's the only animal area with a gift shop. There were lots of milk-flavored candies as well as cute cow merchandise

Fruit Farm

As we went in the non-harvest season, we did not enter the fruit farms to help with the picking. Instead, there is this canteen where you are free to enjoy the plucked fruits - we had pomelo and guava

There were also vendors selling honey from the farm, as well as handmade soap. We bought a 1kg slab of rose scented soap to try. Erm.. if you ask me, I don't like the soap at all hehe... it does not lather well and has a slimy waxy feel when wet/used


There were lots of flowers everywhere. However most are wilting/drying in the intense heat. Nonetheless still a very beautiful and colorful sight. There are designated areas for roses and herbs

Tourist Center

And what's a tourist attraction without a tourist trap? Haha.. we spent much time in the gift shop while waiting for our free photo key-chain to be ready. There are a lot of handmade goods on display

I would very much want to buy that HUGE cod fish snack... if not for the I-think-I-can-get-it-cheaper-elsewhere price tag

And some sightseeing outside the tourist center while waiting

This myna is super clever and noisy! Speaks mandarin :) 

Lobby / Reception Area

Beautiful reception area at the lobby of 新光兆豐休閒農場 Shinkong Chaofeng Leisure Farm while waiting for the shuttle bus to Hualien train station.