24 September 2015

Singapore Haze | How to wear N95 mask

The 3H PSI level has risen to the hazardous level, peaking at 317 now

Source: National Environment Agency

After watching Minority Report on Channel 5 last night, I noted the 3H PSI level at 237 and thought this would probably be the highest it would get for this year. But I was wrong. Even though the PSI level went down slowly in the wee hours of the morning, it was 262 at lunch time.

*please do not follow example of green mask* 
As we were out of fresh ingredients at home, we decided to go to Raffles City for dinner to make use of a promotion coupon. Even though we stayed indoors, we noticed that the visibility was a little poor. When we looked up at the blackish ceiling in Raffles City, it seems hazy indoors too.

While waiting for our bus home, there are many people at the bus stop outside St Andrew's Cathedral, and walking along the streets. Majority did not wear a mask (be it the normal surgical mask or a N95 mask) It didn't matter their age, race, etc. They probably think it is not a necessity and thought we looked pretty humorous with our N95 masks. 

Hence when I reached home, I decided to dig up this step-by-step guide from the Health Promotion Board on how to wear the N95 mask properly. Even Hubby did not understand the importance of wearing a mask properly despite my non-stop nagging. 

Not wearing the mask properly is tantamount to not wearing a mask at all. You can still breath in the dusty unfiltered air. Thankfully I had some training during my previous employment at TTSH and Allergan.

The local news shared that the hazy conditions may stay in Singapore till November. During this #sghaze period, do also remember to hydrate yourself adequately. This means drink more water than usual, and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine. This helps to reduce fluid loss. Take care

How to wear N95 mask

Source: Health Promotion Board

For the six steps to wearing the N95 mask,
please refer to the Health Promotion Board

For the 24H PSI and 3H PSI readings,
please refer to the National Environment Agency