11 November 2015

上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development | 炭烤海鮮 Charcoal Grill Seafood

Alaksan King Crab Legs

Hubby posing with the crab legs in 上引水產 in October 2015

Hubby used to boast to me of his Osaka trip with his ex-colleagues. He would show me many photos of them posing with the HUGE Alaksan king crab as well as their crab feast in Japan. So when I had the chance to first taste the everyone-also-talk-about crab legs at a famous steakhouse in Singapore, I was a bit disappointed. I know... why order seafood in a steakhouse, right? Anyway that was supposed to be a side dish and apparently it was boiled, so the flesh wasn't as firm and was a tad soggy. I couldn't taste much sweetness except for the lemon squirted atop it.

Then came our inaugural visit to 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development in Taipei in March 2014. Hubby decided to order the Alaskan crab legs. I had my doubts, but he insisted due to the much cheaper price tag as compared if we get it at home.

I'm very particular when eating crabs. If they are not fresh or they do not have a sweetness, I wouldn't be satisfied especially with the work you have to do to dig out the flesh. We once ordered chili crabs in a famous local seafood restaurant in Singapore on a special occasion. We failed to notice they had given us Dungeness crab instead of Sri Lanka crabs. While the shells of the Dungeness crab is softer and easier to peel out the flesh, the meat is rather bitter, definitely not to my liking. And the price tag wasn't that lovely either. Hmm.. I think we went on Valentine's Day, darn it. Spoilt day

上引水產's Alaksan King Crab Legs

So anyway back to 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development. True to its name, we became addicted! Perhaps charcoal grilling forces the sweetness out of the crab meat and gives it a light smoky flavor. Charcoal grilling also removes the excess water, so the crab meat remains firm and juicy without becoming soggy. It was also much easier to peel the meat off the shells as compared to boiled crabs (read our experience in Bangkok here)

In fact, we liked the charcoal grill crab legs so much that we would go all the way to 上引 for just the crab legs and of course lobster sashimi. During our subsequent visits, we would order at least 3 medium or 2 large crab legs... and the service staff would go... "Are you sure?"

If I remember correctly, the prices for the medium crab legs are TWD 580 each (about SGD 25), and the large ones are TWD 780 each (about SGD 34). You can see the difference in size from the photos below, and you'll know why I'll urge you to go for the medium size instead (unless out of stock)

1 medium size crab leg in March 2014

3 medium size crab legs in April 2015

2 large size crab legs in October 2015
because 3 medium size crab legs are - out of stock - 
notified about 15 minutes after we placed our order 

(yup that extra bit on the left is a freaking SGD 18 more!!)

Oh yes, when your ordered food is ready, the service staff will serve it on this hot stones plate so that your food remain warm. For the crabs, we usually remove them from the hot stones quickly to prevent the juices from drying up

And this is Hubby hard at work cutting the crab shells. One thing I 'love' about my hand eczema is that he volunteers with the crab and prawn shells. Opps! I know I am supposed to cut down on shell seafood with my eczema condition, erm.. my preferred shell seafood variety is pretty much restricted crabs, prawns and crayfish. I try not to take seafood on a regular basis, but on the days I do take seafood - I eat like a Queen (oh dear). I also have much difficulties quitting my red can coke totally (The Force is strong with this one), but nowadays I am cutting down on the quantities I consume and drinking more green tea and ginger tea instead. 

Hubby's efforts :)

Open Air Dining

When you step into the compounds of 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development , it is hard to miss this open-air charcoal grill zone, AAD Area 05. You can probably smell the smoky BBQ aroma as soon as you alight from your taxi!

A blur selfie taken during our nighttime visit in October 2015.

Click on the image for a larger photo

Referring to the image above, the big squarish umbrella marked in purple fonts 'Entrance' is where you get your queue number. The right side marked in blue fonts 'Order Food' is where the service staff will take you to order your food, when it is your turn. Otherwise you sit patiently at the yellow area and wait for your turn to order, and then for your food to arrive. 

The charcoal grill area is marked with a kawaii purple octopus on this map

How to Order

When it is your turn to dine, the service staff would invite you to enter the premises and guide you to a table. After which you would have to wait for your turn before another service staff brings an electronic tablet and walk you through the open refrigerators to select your meal. They would explain to you what are the freshest catch of the day and the prices. You can tell them the quantity you want.

Time to select your seafood!

Charcoal Grilled Scallop

Charcoal Grilled Abalone

Note: seafood selections typically take 25 to 40 minutes to grill. You can tell from my post that there's lots of waiting, so this charcoal grill area may  not be the most suitable for the impatient folks hehe..

While Waiting...

So while playing the waiting game, you may want to order your beverages. The beverage menu is usually put on the tables, but sometimes you might need to get one from the service staff. (We did find that they are getting more impolite during our recent trips. Maybe they are getting busier with more tourists visiting this up-class fish market.)

Sweet Potato Milkshake

We tried the sweet potato milkshake during our first trip. Not bad, basically it tastes like a roasted sweet potato blended with milk. The slight thick texture might mean there's not much space left for the grilled food. 

We also tried some of the grilled meat items which were faster to grill and appease our growling stomachs. The chicken skewers were quite juicy and we of course love the smoky flavor. Yums! We couldn't say the same for the grilled beef steak though, other than me enjoying chomping on the fried garlic chips 

They do have vegetables such as mushroom skewers available for charcoal grilling too, but we thought it's rather expensive as compared to dining elsewhere for the greens.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Skewers
(it's very cold and windy back in April 2014)

Charcoal Grill Beef Steak with Fried Garlic Chips

Getting to 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development 

For detailed directions to 上引, do refer to refer to my earlier blog post at
http://wendyboey.blogspot.sg/2015/11/addiction-aquatic-development-lobster.html, where I shared about our lobster sashimi experience, as well as some important things to take note at the market, such as cash payment only.