08 November 2015

La Vida Hotel 台中逢甲商旅 | Taichung Hotel near Fengjia Night Market

If you are looking for an affordable 5-star experience near Fengjia Night Market during your stay in Taichung, look no further! At SGD 885.74 after taxes for 5 nights (i.e. SGD 177.15 after taxes per night), Hubby and I were reluctant to leave for our next stop Taipei. When we posted the room photos in our social media accounts, our friends were guessing it was costing must more

Why I chose La Vida Hotel 台中逢甲商旅

When I was deciding on the hotel to stay in Taichung, I had a number of requirements in mind. During our previous visits, we would stay near Taichung TRA station since we often take the train to other locations such as Jiji 集集 and Checheng 車城. This also meant it took us more than an hour's bus ride to get to Feng Chia Night Market and another hour back on each night we spend in Taichung. Hence this time round, we wanted somewhere near the famous night market.

I logged into Agoda and started scouting for a suitable accommodation using the "show map" and price filter functions to narrow down hotels vicinity that cost below SGD 150.

Taking the time and effort to click through each result, I scrutinized the reviews and photos. I noticed that the much-cheaper hotels near Fengjia Night Market were very old and some had sleazy decor. Moreover, staying so near to the night market might be quite noisy should we want to retire early after a long day out (not so sure of the soundproofing either).

I also had to ensure that there were elevators because we did stay in a very cheap hostel in Taipei many trips ago, only to find that we had to climb 4 flights of narrow stairs with our heavy luggage. And yes, it was 6 flights of narrow stairs in Paris with multiple luggage - Hubby was in charge of planning our honeymoon. And there was no view/scenery in the Taipei hostel and Paris bed and breakfast, and the bathrooms suck.

Other than the usuals such as free wifi in the room, it was somewhat important to both of us that the room comes with a bathtub - a luxury we have grown to enjoy during our vacations. What's more - this is our first holiday since I quit my job. I definitely need to pamper myself more.

La Vida Hotel happened to be one of the first few listings that match my requirements. When I browse the hotel photos, I was mesmerized. My first thought - did I really land on a bargain?

La Vida Deluxe Double Room 9006

Reaching Taichung at 8am in the morning, we were rather tired and goggy after the wee-hours flight and a 1.5 hour bus ride. However we were very energized as we check into the Deluxe Double room on the 9th storey! We put down our luggage quickly and started snapping photos of our residence for 5 nights before we mess up anything

Quickly messaging the room photos to friends

Love it that the hotel provides 4 comfortable pillows!
In fact the king-size bed seems much bigger than the one we have at home

View from the room is nothing special hehe...

Minibar is free of charge :)

The light switches besides both sides of the bed are clearly labelled. We like that there are also electrical plugs at both sides for convenient charging of our electronic devices. Of course it would be better if there are multiple plugs, but comparing with most hotels in Taiwan, having more than 1 available electrical plug in the room is considered very good already :)

Very swaku.. don't know that this slides open hehe..

Quick look at the cupboard - bathrobes, safe, room slippers

I like that they provided more than 2 hangers :P

I think this is quite smart - to have the TV channels listed down in the remote control holder. I usually struggle with hotels' TV channels - either they don't provide the list or the list is in some folder that is hidden in a drawer in the room.

My gosh! The last time I had this welcome message was in a 6-star hotel in Singapore and the room wasn't even that clean and bright! But of course the hotel check-in staff at La Vida might have failed to notice that I am actually Chinese, not Japanese hehe..

And if you misplaced the remote control holder, worry not. You can check the TV channels on the TV itself. You can also find more information on the hotel facilities, like there's a gym at Level 2 and a business center at Level 1.

The Bathroom 

I love the variety of towels they provide
2 body towels, 2 face towels and 2 square hand towels
yes... I am very 'auntie' :D

This explains why we take longer-than-usual soaks in the bathroom at La Vida hehe... and yes, there is hot water where you can adjust the temperature! If you do notice, the bath tub is actually bigger than the usual ones, allowing taller folks to soak comfortably without bending their knees.

Technology to clean your bottom



Right after photo taking, we change to room slippers and headed down to Basement 1 for breakfast (inclusive in our hotel rates when we booked through Agoda)

Hot and cold beverages section
They also serve iced milk tea, Taiwanese style hehe



Cold platter, cheese, toast

Yakult, yoghurt, variety of fruits
I start my breakfast with Reserve and Yakult every morning in Taichung hehe..

More cold stuff

Typical preserved complements for plain porridge

Hot dishes
I like that there are a few dishes for vegetarians and they would list the ingredients

Yah! Busy sending photos of his breakfast instead of eating!

I made sure I ate lots of greens since I'll be eating lots of
unhealthy food during my time in Taiwan hehe..

Other than the wide variety that's available at the breakfast counters, you can order omelette (with cheese, ham and corn - see photo below), sunny side up and seafood ramen with the service staff - and they will bring it to your table

Seafood Ramen - slightly spicy

The freshly-made warm soya bean milk is one of my favorites. It is actually hidden at a corner beside the miso soup container, so I totally missed it out until Hubby brought over this soup bowl hehe... However on our last day, the soya bean milk was quite powdery, perhaps a change of chef on that day

Hotel Lobby

There is a small garden outside the business center at Level 1. We just had to take some snap shots before we start figuring how to take a bus to our first destination hehe... 

A view of the main entrance from the interior. The right hand side with the modern lantern lights is the hotel reception where you can check-in. The left hand side are the elevators

3 artsy horses greets us at the concierge by the entrance

The exterior of La Vida Hotel - our 'home' for 5 nights

Convenient Location

As said, if you're looking for a hotel near Fengjia Night Market and would love a 5-star experience at affordable prices, look no further than La Vida Hotel

La Vida Hotel address is 台中市西屯區西屯路二段275-2號, i.e. No. 275-2, Section 2, Xitun Road, Xitun District, 407, Situn District, Taichung, Taiwan

Just across the road, you will find Wenhua Road that leads to Fengjia Night Market. There are many food eateries that line Wenhua Road, feels like an "entrance" to Fengjia Night Market. You just gotta try Minglun Egg Pancakes 明輪蛋餅 at the entrance of Wenhua Road. 

There is a 7-11 store to the left side from the hotel entrance in case you need to top up or buy an Easycard to take public transport. 頂湳仔 Dingnanzai bus stop is less than 5 minutes walk to the right side. Remember, public bus rides in Taichung are free of charge for travel below 10 kilometers :)


From the photos alone, I believe you can conclude that at SGD 177.15 per night for the Deluxe Double room is a steal as our experience is comparable to a 6-star hotel in Singapore! (that will probably set me back at SGD 350 and up for a night)

If you don't mind a smaller room but at a cheaper price, you can also opt for the Standard (24 sqm) or Superior (27 sqm) categories. Deluxe is 30 sqm.

So if you're heading down to Taichung soon, click here to book La Vida Hotel through Agoda :)