04 March 2016

Yilan Minsu Recommendation | Taiwan Yilan Homestay B&B

Finally, we are going to Yilan this time round! 

I last made plans to visit this neighboring county of Taipei in 2013 but oh well, let's just say I wasn't that happy to cut short my vacation and return to a zombie workaholic state to run a work event. Probably why I am not that keen in finding the next job before this coming trip haha!

During my accommodation research for Yilan, I was very excited to see many different B&B listings in Agoda and hence want to share them in my blog for my future reference! I prefer to book through the Agoda platform because...

...I can set the website language as English.
You can't imagine the nightmares I used to have with my poor Mandarin language skills when communicating with the local homestay and farmstay owners.

...I can set the website currency to my local currency SGD.
Easier for me when planning my budget! No need to use an online currency converter 

...I can pay through a credit card. 
I am pretty cautious about transferring money overseas to the homestay owners, lest they say they didn't receive my funds when I arrive. I also used to carry lots of cash to pay for my Taiwan accommodation. So you can imagine how much cash I had to carry for 10+ days' stay haha...!

So here's the 4 Yilan minsu recommendation that I've considered for our upcoming trip

LOHERB Bed and Breakfast

Image Source: Agoda

Image Source: Agoda
For our upcoming trip, I arranged for our last night in Yilan to stay at LOHERB after reading all the reviews. This B&B has an exceptional reviews rating at 9.7 out of 10! 

The photographs very much convinced me to stay a night in Dongshan district away from the city lights. I can't imagine we are days away from waking up to this amazing view!

Initially I was concerned that we might lay in bed hungry during the nights, since it's a distance from the nearest night market (probably have to travel there by taxi). I learnt that LOHERB has its Garden Cafe which healthy menu is designed by a nutritionist. This cafe is open during lunch, tea and dinner hours. Breakfast is also provided for those who stay in the homestay.

Can't wait to be there!

Update on 15 May 2016: Here's my review of our one night stay at LOHERB!

LOHERB Bed & Breakfast 樂健活日光綠築
No.372, Baofu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan, Taiwan 26949

Stonbo Lodge

Image Source: Agoda
Image Source: Agoda

I first learnt about Stonbo Lodge in a tourism TV show, and remembered this homestay for its dragonfly architecture. 

Built by a retired lecturer and his wife, this 'dragonfly' is perched on a hilltop, where you can enjoy the beautiful day scenery and night lights of Yilan. 

For a 360 degrees virtual tour, you can check out their Google Business View

Stonbo Lodge 蜻蜓石民宿
No.65, Ln. 201, Xiangong Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan

Xin Yuan Castle Hotel

Image Source: Agoda
Image Source: Agoda

Ever dream of being in a fairy tale?

This castle-theme bed and breakfast offers Cinderella carriage beds for young princesses to lavish European decor for the royalty.

Xin Yuan Castle Hotel 芯園~我的夢中城堡
No.120, Ln. 312, Sec. 1, Funong Rd, Dongshan Township, Yilan

Hotel Chateau de France

Image Source: Agoda
Image Source: Agoda

Here's another fairytale home where you would not remember that you are actually staying in Taiwan.

Hotel Chateau de France 法國小古堡
No.155, Xiaowei 2nd Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan