15 May 2016

LOHERB Bed & Breakfast 樂健活日光綠築

As promised, here's our take on LOHERB Bed and Breakfast in Dongshan, Yilan. We checked into the B&B for a relaxing night on 31 March 2016.

Reception Area

I was almost in disbelief when I enter the B&B run by the Lee family. Greeted at the reception with a high ceiling, a garden in the sky well and a beautiful cafe at the back - Hubs and I quickly went into photography mode as we waited for our room to be ready. 

We had arrived at 2.30pm and somehow surprised Auntie Lee, who explained to us that the check-in time in Taiwan is typically 3pm and our room is still being cleaned up.

Some yoghurt drink they were promoting, had some samples in our room too. I didn't try as I was already drinking 2 packs of Reserve every day, didn't want an overdose of antioxidants (if there's such a thing!)

Our Room

 After fussing a long time online thinking of which best room to book, I decided to go with the most economical... The normal rooms costs TWD 3800 (about SGD 160) per night, while the VIP room costs TWD 5200 (about SGD 223) per night. After all, we would be spending only 1 night here at LOHERB and would later in the trip be indulging at La Vida.

We were initially squabbling - due to the "stupid decision" I made to get a taxi from Dongshan Train Station. Well, if you look at the map, the distance between LOHERB and Dongshan Train Station vs. Luodong Train Station was almost the same. Besides we had went to Luodong Night Market the previous night and I thought it would be good to visit another train station. It was also my first time to Yilan and he claimed that I didn't do my research well enough. So... Quarrel lor

I was prepared to make him sleep in the B&B carpark.... But when he entered into the room, he was surprised by my arrangement and followed with a hug and "老婆 I love you!!"... Men... -_-"

And right after checking out the room, here's Hubs lying on the bed, watching Thomas the Tank Engine (HAHAHAHA!!!! Revenge is sweet when you know friends are reading your blog :P) 

Ok, the thing is that the TV connection is not very stable. We couldn't watch many channels in the room, without being disconnected in a few seconds. So... it seems that the cartoon channel was the most stable.

You know, my initial plan was to have a projector and screen in our current/new place. But then... oh well...

The bedroom door has a safety feature that auto-locks when closed, You would need to click on the silver button at the bottom to unlock the door. The picture on the key card would identify the room you're in - in our case, the Lily room. 

There are many electric sockets available in the room. So no worries if there aren't enough places to charge your phone and camera, etc. Just remember to bring along your travel adapter.

Pictured at the back is the yoghurt sample, where Auntie Lee's youngest son Dennis taught us to pour into our mouths and drink water to swallow. 

The plastic bag contains the delicious moist Sakura duck we packed from the day market store beside the famous Beimen Pork and Garlic Broth store 北門蒜味肉羹 (we didn't fancy the broth though, not fantastic, just tasted like mouthfuls of raw garlic)

Yes, Mr Low would mark his territory by placing his things every where. Now you know why I am so particular that his things don't invade into my (very limited) territory at home Hahaa..


Needless to say, we LOVE the huge bath tub where two can sit in comfortably. There is a tiled slab in the middle which you can move around and sit on while taking a bath. I usually step on it while waiting for the bath water to drain away hehe.. We liked that they provided a bottle of aromatic essential oil to add fragrance to our bath time. Not pictured is the rain shower at the top of the ceiling.

And of course I wouldn't have dreamt of a B&B having the auto 'butt washing' function (bidet). We also took turns to switch on and off the toilet seat warmer function in the night hehe... nothing more shocking than a freezing cold toilet seat on your bum when you're half-awake and need to pee in the middle of the night

View from Our Room

What to do at LOHERB

Day Time

Night Time

If you're looking for an adventure, then perhaps you're at the wrong place. Unless you're into biking for some distance, you could explore the padi fields surrounding LOHERB or venture to ride to Luodong Night Market (which may not be that well-lit or safe to ride back to the B&B in the night.

When we asked Dennis what to do here, basically there's nothing to do. Except for Luodong Night Market of course. 

So... R&R, that is. Hubs literally went to sleep in a matter of minutes. He was snoozing almost the entire time we were there while I was battling with the TV channels, hoping to get a more stable connection to watch some Taiwanese variety shows. In the end, I mostly watched YouTube on my mobile using the Changi Recommends wifi router.

Oh one thing about the rooms... they are not sound-proof. Happened that a big family from Hong Kong is staying on the third floor (we're on the second).. and boy are the kids noisy and always running around. I honestly didn't know how Hubs could fall asleep throughout as I was nursing a headache while trying to enjoy the aircon hehe...

I still think it's a pretty good idea to squeeze a day of -absolutely-doing-nothing-but-rest- in our tight itinerary. The day before, we had ventured around Yilan city, Jiaoxi hotspring area, Wufengqi waterfalls and Luodong Night Market. The next day, we were on a chauffeured trip from Yilan to Keelung with pitstops at Shifen, Jiufen, etc

Complimentary Afternoon Tea 

Upon checking in, complimentary afternoon tea is served (from 3pm to 6pm). Had to pulled Hubs out of the bed to ensure he eats, lest he stays in horizontal mediation for the entire LOHERB stay.

Hi, 小黑·!

Check out the prices - we thought they were very affordable, especially with the great taste and serving size. Auntie Lee also told us that Dennis is a nutritionist and the food are prepared with fresh organic ingredients that she personally goes to the market to buy. So we can be rest assured of the great quality of the meals. 

Every single item served in the complimentary afternoon tea was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Hubby and I polished off every single morsel, and yes every drop of the beverages. We weren't that hungry, but the food was really good... and inclusive in the rates!

We loved the modern lights with colored plants immersed in the water-filled glass 


For dinner time, you have to option to find your way to Luodong Night Market. Chances are that you need to book a cab to come in to LOHERB (our local cabbie that helped us get from Dongshan Train Station to LOHERB had a hard time finding LOHERB, had to use my phone GPS with Google Map). Or as said, if you're adventurous enough, you could rent a bike at the B&B and ride there.

We decided on a lazier option. Especially since we've explored the night market just the night before.

The B&B cafe opens till 7pm, but Auntie Lee and family were very nice to extend the hours. We interrupted their family dinner when we went down at 6pm, and they stayed opened to accommodate the Hong Kong family who came at 8+pm.

Salad was very fresh and delicious. Auntie Lee shared that she had went to the market that day to pick out the organic tomatoes one by one.

The mushroom soup was a disappointment. You can see from the image of the spoon that it was from a powder pack. There were lumps of undissolved powder in the soup too. The plus point was the numerous bits of mushroom.

Hubby had the miso cod and he loved it. 

I opted for red meat and thought it was a very interesting way of preparing the pork. I wasn't sure if the top side was minced meat while the bottom was a pork chop. It was very moist and juicy. 

Auntie Lee kept checking in on us from time to time and offered us more organic cherry tomatoes and plum vinegar, which she said would aid in our digestion. She also asked if we wanted more rice - which we had to politely decline her kind offer as the portions were very generous.

FYI, our dinner at LOHERB costs TWD875 (inclusive of 10% service charge), i.e. about SGD 36.80 for two! Very cheap, right?!

Roof Garden

After dinner, we went up to the roof garden to look at the stars. But... there weren't any stars and there were quite many spider webs. And of course sand flies. We didn't stayed up for long, snapped pictures and went back indoors.

The Next Morning

Photo-taking resumed when refreshed after the sleep coma while Auntie Lee prepares our breakfast

Those are cherry blossom trees in the background, but can't really see the remaining pink flowers in the photo. Dennis explained that the flowers had started to fall in the week prior. 

Rooms above, cafe below.

小黑 in need of some loving.. his hair is really coarse :P

You can tell by the photos that LOHERB B&B is quite huge!


Our day was brightened by the sumptous breakfast, which was included in the room rates. I particularly like the yoghurt drinks where you can see the variety of berries used. Yum!

Auntie Lee also took this opportunity to shared with us more about her family. They were originally from Taipei city, and decided to moved to Yilan to pursue a LOHA living. They bought the land and built the house, and started the B&B sometime last year. While Dennis manages the day to day business activities, all hands on board when it comes to the daily operations of the B&B. 

Best Time to Stay at LOHERB

Auntie Lee shared that the best time of the year to stay at LOHERB is in May. The golden crops oof the padi fields surrounding the B&B would be ready for harvest. In the evenings, you would be able to see fireflies from the cafe.

Another good time is during the countdown to New Year Day where you can indulged in an unobstructed view of fireworks.

How To Get to LOHERB

If you intend to get there by taxi, do not alight at Dongshan Train Station. There's hardly a soul, and we walked and waited for some time before chancing upon one. Instead, you should take a taxi from Luodong Train Station, or within Yilan city area.

Auntie Lee also mentioned that if you need them to pick you up from Luodong Train Station, you can give them a call to arrange (not sure if it's complimentary service)

The 'deserted' Dong Shan Train Station

No 372, Baofu Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan